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What are the advantages of electric chain hoist?

Electric chain hoist is a small lifting equipment, generally driven by motor, lifting sixty tons of weight, can meet most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of heavy lifting requirements. Moreover, its shape is exquisite and exquisite, the transmission structure is advanced, the noise is small, the quality is outstanding, the service life is long, the efficiency is high, is deeply liked by each kind of enterprise. The processing standards of this equipment are generally in line with international standards, so it is convenient to purchase and maintain the equipment.

As the chain gourd shape is small, lifting height adjustable (general lifting height of three meters to one hundred and twenty meters), so enterprises can flexibly choose the installation space according to their own conditions. When lifting the lighter weight, this kind of equipment can show its working efficiency very well, the lifting speed is faster, and there is no noise at all. When lifting heavy weights, it can lift heavy objects smoothly because of the close engagement of its internal gears without any instability during lifting.

In addition, chain hoist is different from heavy lifting equipment. It can be installed anywhere, such as suspended I-beam, curved track, swing arm or fixed lifting point to lift heavy objects. The installation and disassemble are simple and convenient, and the operation of gravity type hoisting equipment is simple and easy. As the body itself is lighter, so the installation of the use of time will not have a greater impact on the center of the lifting point to interfere with lifting work. Independent transmission system can do the lifting speed, braking torque, smooth lifting, small noise.

Because of the advantages of electric chain hoist, it has been applied to various fields. Such as factories, warehouses, logistics, terminals, construction and other industries. Cars, ships, and airplanes are also often used for repairs. Because of the heavy lifting equipment, this light equipment can better adapt to accurate, fast operation. Moreover, it can be used in many ways, requiring less personnel, can greatly improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity.