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application of electro lifting magnet of hengtai brand

 1. Throughout the years, Hengtai has been able to forge relationships with the steel mill and recycling industries. These relationships have allowed hengtai to work in conjunction with it’s customers to create solutions for specific situations which include engineering of magnetic systems to de-magnetize structural steel, creating spreader beams for cranes and separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals from wood chips.
2. Hnetgai
 provides solutions for different applications in the recycling industry as well as raw material processing facilities including:
  • Scrap Recycling (auto shredders, pig iron recycling, heavy metal, demolition scrap and others)
  • Domestic Waste
  • Incinerated Waste Slag
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Steel Ball
  • Iron Ore Processing Facilities
  • Slag Processing from Steel Mills
  • Steel Plate, steel billet, bundle steel, steel coil and other steel or iron material