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elastic reel JT series

Elastic reel JT series
Elastic reel is a mechanical device which introduces the international spring cable coliling technique ,using the spiral spring as a driving force and the spring storage energy for automatic cable (hose) coling.It is applicable to various occasions of mobile supply. There are mainly three kinds of product specifications,namely,built-in slip ring,exterior slip ring and cantilever.
It can conduct reliable work without consuming electric energy itself.
It has features of simple power supply ,safe operation ,moderate cable (hose) stress volume ,flexible roling and good synchronous performance .Cables will not be hurt easily when pulling .
It adopts the slip ring carbon brush structure for electrical energy transmitting for continuous and stable power supply.
A reversible rotary mechanism is set to avoid spring broken due to reversal rolling of the reel .
It also has features of simple of simple installation ,convenient repairing,compact structure and beautiful appearance.