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Daily inspection items for electric hoist

Operating range: no obstacle within the operator's walking range, minimum distance from other equipment within the operating range is not less than 100mm.

Running track: from ground observation, the track should not be abnormal.

Button device: lifting, down, left and right movement, action should be sensitive and correct. At the same time press a set of buttons, electric hoist shall not act.

Limiter: when the empty hook rises to the limit position, the limit shall be accurate and reliable.

Hook device: hook should be flexible rotation, pulley rotation without jam and rub, hook nut loose device without exception, hook locking device is normal.

Steel wire rope: there is no obvious abrasion or corrosion on the outer steel wire, and the number of broken steel wires in a twist interval shall not exceed 22.  

Brake: lifting, lowering and running of the brake should be sensitive and reliable.

Rope guide and other: safety device, normal operation, safe and reliable.