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Brief Introdution of Electro Lifting Magnet

Brief Introdution of Electro Lifting Magnet

working principle of electro lifting magnet
When the iron core is inserted inside the energizing solenoid, the iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the energizing solenoid. After the magnetization of the core has become a magnet, so that because the two magnetic fields are superimposed on each other, so that greatly enhance the magnetic properties of the solenoid. In order to make the electro lifting magnet more magnetic, usually the core made of hoof. But pay attention to the hoof iron core on the coil to the opposite direction, while clockwise, the other side must be counterclockwise. If the winding to the same, the two coils on the core of the magnetization will cancel each other, so that core is not significant magnetic. In addition, the iron core with soft iron system, and can not be made of steel. Otherwise, once the steel is magnetized, will remain magnetic and can not demagnetize long-term, the strength of its magnetic can not be used to control the size of the current, and lose the advantages of electro lifting magnet should be.