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new type low headroom electric hoist

 The low headroom hoist belongs to general purppose wire rope electric hoist, has a variety of weight, lifting height and lifting and running of single, double speed function.The low headroom electric hoist is especially suitable for the low rise workshop installation and use, has the advantages of compact structure, effectively lifting rise etc,according to different requirements of users can be provided with double brake ,overload, over speed limit restrictions and out model electric hoist with a manual release function.
Product Description

CD1/MD1 low headroom electric hoist 
1. Capacity: 3.2-50t
2. Hoisting height: 6-30m
3. Usage: Construction Hoist
4. Power Source: Electric
5. Sling Type: Wire Rope
6. Lift Speed: 3.2-8 m/min
7. Institution level: 25%
8. Hoisting speed: 3.2-8 m/min.
9. Travelling speed: 20m/min.
10. Working grade: M3.
11. Suitable for trolleys lined with limited clearance or need curve detour.
12. Combined with the stationary electric hoist and monorail trolley, travelling below single-girder.
13. Wheel:
(1) Using medium-carbon for small wheels steel, hardening the surface.
(2) Cooperating to steel, big width, easy operating and simple installation.
(3) Bilateral transmissio
n, travelling more smoothly.