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tips for lifting electromagnet operation

 Series MW5 Lifting Electromagnet Operating Instructions.

1. Overview
Lifting electromagnet is a special electromagnet, it uses the physical quantity of electricity and magnet to absorb the steel magnet material. It has the advantage of decreasing the work for workers and increasing the production efficiency. It is a good lifting tool that can apply on the metallurgical industry, mine, machinery, boat building, transportation and other industries. According to the different types of lifting materials, our company designed different type of lifting electromagnet. The lifting material are steel billet, steel ball, steel bar, steel pipe, steel scrap and other steel related materials. The above types are all adapt the latest technology and material to manufacture the lifting electromagnet.

2. Fundamental and conditions of usage
2.1 Fundamental
When the lifting electromagnet is working, the electricity and control equipment will support the power, the inside of the lifting electromagnet will have strong magnet then would lift the materials.
2.2 Conditions of usage
2.2.1 The altitude is less than 2000 meter
2.2.2 Surround temperature
The normal temperature type: -20-40℃
The high temperature type:-20-50℃
2.2.3 There is no explosive or corrosive air around the working place
2.2.4 The relative humidity is less than 85%
2.2.5 The equipment can use indoor and outdoor.
4. Structure and features
4.1 Structure
4.1.1 The magnetic circuit is made up of roof, magnetic pole, iron core and the attract materials
4.1.2 The coil is put in the closed container and fixed by the special material
4.1.3 The whole is adapt the welding technology
4.1.4 The high temperature type adapt the double heat resistant type structure.
4.2 Features
4.2.1 Adapt the high quality iron and steel material as the magnetic material
4.2.2 The coil is cooper or aluminum coil, which has strong insulation and heat resistant advantages.
4.2.3 The high temperature type has lower power than the normal temperature type.
4.2.4 Whole sealing structure and has good moisture proof feature.
4.2.5 Feature of heat release and resistant is good, within suitable use it is safe and durable
4.2.6 Double coil can has strong magnetic power and more safety.
5.Electrical specificaton
5.1 The working duty is TD60%

6. The wiring diagram is attached.
7. Installation and test run
7.1 Open the wooden box package, check the attached file and read them
7.2 Choose suitable spreader beam。
7.3 Checking the electric control cabinet and electric cable reel, the output data need to meet the requirements of lifting electromagnet.
7.4Connect the cable reel and the connector, then give power, if there is no problem after the test run, it can work.
8. Matters need attention
8.1 Before the use, please check the cold state resistor, indoor is not less than 10MΩ
8.2 Please do not connect the electricity before the equipment is put on the lifting material stable, do not use the lifting electromagnet as moving hammer.
8.3 Choose the flat part of the lifting material to lift
8.4 The normal temperature type can not use to lift the high temperature type materials.
8.4.1 Do not put the lifting electromagnet above the high temperature material just for waiting is cold. When the material is colder then can use.
8.4.2 When you do not use ir, do not place it around the high temperature areas.
8.4.3 Try your best to decrease the time of lifting electromagnet touch the high temperature materials
8.4.4 If the magnetic power is lower or too hot, have a break.
8.5 It is better to put the suitable place before you lift.
8.5.1 Lifting place is choose the center of gravity
8.5.2 It is better to have a suitable distance among the lifting electromagnet, if the distance is too short, the two pieces can not have strong power.
8.6 The lifting electromagnet needs keep dry, do not use the cold water to decrease the temperature, put the equipment in the dry and safety places.
8.7 Checking the chain regularly, when the chain diameter is less than the original 90%,please change the chain.