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  • Cantilever Cable Reel JT series
  • Cantilever Cable Reel JT series
  • cantilever cable reel

Cantilever Cable Reel JT series

Application: Cantilever Cable Reel JT series

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  • Features
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Features of cable reel:

Cable reel can conduct reliable work without consuming electric energy itself.

Cable reel has features of simple power supply ,safe operation ,moderate cable (hose) stress volume ,flexible roliling and good synchronous performance .Cables will not be hurt easily when pulling .

Cable reel adopts the slip ring carbon brush structure for electrical energy transmitting for continuous and stable power supply.

A  reversible rotary mechanism is set to avoid spring broken due to reversal rolling of the reel .

Cable reel also has features of simple of simple installation ,convenient repairing,compact structure and beautiful appearance.

Technical Parameter:

 Size Profile number A B C D1 D2 d E F G W Weight (kg)
1       600 1000           300
2 410 450 462   1300 18 520 18     360
3       800         105 250 380
4 780 820 470   1600 22   22     500
5 420 460 270   1800(1500) 18 100 18 200 60(200) 400


Applications of cable reel:

It is applicable to various occasions of mobile supply. There are mainly three kinds of product specifications,namely,built-in slip ring,exterior slip ring and cantilever.

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