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  • electric chain hoist
  • electric chain hoist
  • electric chain hoist

electric chain hoist with power motor hot selling

Application: 1. Shell: light aluminum alloy shell shall be adopted which is light but hard and fit for the use in the terrible work environment with a high heat dissipation rate and all tightness design 2. Design: International advanced tide compact and nice. 3. Red

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1,High efficiency and make the most of space

2,Accurate orientation,highly-efficient operation,improved logistics efficiency.

3,Safe and reliable,monitored operation,easy maintenance.

4,Modularized desigh,low maintenance cost,perfect spare parts and components services

5.Product Features:Job level is high,can be applied to all kinds of bad place,and the price is good.

Technical Parameter:

Model Type

  SHH-AM-025 SHH-AM-05 SHH-AM-10 SHH-AM-20 SHH-AM-30 SHH-AM-50 SHH-AM-75
Lifting Capacity(T)   0.25T   0.5T    1T    2T    3T    5T   7.5T
Protection Grade   IP54   IP54   IP54   IP54   IP54   IP54   IP54
Work Level    M6    M5    M5   M5    M4    M4    M4
Duty-cycling 50% 40% 40% 40% 30% 30% 30%
Lifting Speed(m/min) 7.0m/min 7.6m/min 5.0m/min 2.5m/min 6.0m/min 3.0m/min 2.0m/min
Power(kw) 0.9kw 0.9kw 1.1kw 1.1kw 3.0kw 3.0kw 3.0kw
Working Speed(m/min) 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 18m/min 12m/min 10m/min
Working Power(kw) 0.3kw 0.3kw 0.3kw 0.3kw 0.4kw 0.4kw 0.75kw
Rail(mm) 74-124mm 74-124mm 74-124mm 74-124mm 102-152mm 102-152mm 150-220mm
Chain Specification(mm) ø5*15 ø6.3*19 ø8.0*24 ø8.0*24 ø11.2*34 ø11.2*34 ø11.2*34
Chiain Number 1 1 1 2 1 2 3
Weight(kg)   81kg   82kg   86kg   97kg   170kg   192kg   331kg
Diamension 270*102mm 270*102mm 270*142mm 270*185mm 330*165mm 334*110mm 528*191mm


Hot selling electric hoist model,electric chain hoist is small sized lifting equipment, which can be mounted on single beam, bridge, gantry and arm cranes,to lift construction material With slight modification, it can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage areas and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions.

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