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  • Lifting Magnets for Crane
  • Lifting Magnets for Crane
  • Lifting Magnets for Crane

Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets for Crane

Application: MW5 series lifting magnets for crane adapt the latest technology and increased the ducty cycle from 50% to 60%, 75%. The TD-75% main used for exporting with high quality.This series scrap handling magnet main used at steel mill to move different shapes of

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Main Features of Lifting Magnets for Crane:

1.Overseas technology has been improved and innovated, the product adapts computer design, there are some advantages, like reasonable structure, light weight, strong capacity and durable.
2.The energizing coils have been processed by special technology and the property of electrical and mechanical have been enhanced, heat-resistant of insulating material reaches grade C and service life is long.
3.The rated duty cycle of normal lifting magnets for crane gets increased from 50% in the past to 60%, the working efficiency have improved.
4.Super high temperature lifting magents for crane adopts unique isolation from heat and radiation, the temperature of attached materials gets increased from 600℃ to 700℃, which expands application areas of lifting magnets for crane.
5.The whole set of lifting magnets fro crane includes control cabinet, cable reel and other accessories, all of them can improve well.

Parts of Magnetic Lifting Tool:

1. Cable reel:

Spring driven type cable reel is equipment with magnet to supply power source, this JTA series cable reel use international spring cable coiling technology to rewind and wind cables, with less energy consuming, easy operation, durable and other features.


2. Electric control panel:

DPK series electric control panel add good quality transformer based on high frequency type, this type will be durable, low malfunction,low power consuming. New type panel can adapt clients’ local voltage and make the magnet good working.


3. Lifting Magnets for Crane:

Series MW5 is special designed for lifting scrap, ingots,steel ball and slabs. Using high quality steel plate, aluminum coil with polish, more than 10 hours bake and other technology. The highest temperature is 650℃.

Lifting Magnets for Crane for Lifting Different Materials:

Lifting Magnets for Crane with different equipments:

Technical Parameter:



Applications of Lifting Magnets for Crane:

Lifting magnets for crane is main used in steel mill, to transport or move steel scrap, steel ball, steel bar, steel plate and others .
The main matched equipment are: overhead crane, excavator magnet, forklift magnets and other machine equipment.

Product Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADygGeuwVfU

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