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  • Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifter
  • Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifter
  • Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifter

China Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifter

Application: Self propelled lift platform can automatically fast and slow walk and turn in different work conditions,which do not need artificial traction,do not need external power supply ,and moveFlexibly and conveniently.It make aerial work more convenient and eff

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Main Features of Hydraulic Electro Scissor Lifter:

1)Reliability and Versatility, Enhance Efficiency.

2)Excellent Mobility: Compact body can easily pass through single and double channel doorway, using non-marking solid tire.

3)Special Locations: Feature of low noise is perfectly suitable for the noise-sensitive environment, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools, etc.

4)Compact and Flexible: Most models are equipped with zero inside turning radius capability, can be easily and flexibly operated in crowded working conditions such as construction site, elevator and narrow corridor. Lift-up, lift-down, turning, forward and backward movements can be easily operated by one person.

Technical Parameter:


Model No.   Platform Size (mm)   Load (kg)    Lifting Height (m)     Dimension (mm)   Machine Weight (kg)
     SKY-4         2100x830       300 4 2250x950x1100 820
     SKY-6         2100x830       300 6 2250x950x1200 895
     SKY-7         2100x830       300 7 2250x950x1280 990
     SKY-8         2100x930       300 8 2250x1060x1380 1080
     SKY-9         2100x930       300 9 2250x1060x1500 1185
     SKY-10         2100x1230       300 10 2250x1350x1530 1380
     SKY-11         2100x1230       300 11 2250x1350x1650 1450
     SKY-12         2550x1530       300 12 2720x1670x1750 2280
     SKY-14         2812x1530       300 14 3045x1730x1810 2450
     SKY-16         2812x1600       300 16 3045x1800x2080 3550
     SKY-18         3070x1600       300 18 3250x1800x2080 3950


 Applications of Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifter:

The mobile hydraulic  scissor lift  is widely used for the equipments installations and maintenance at the following places like construction sites workshops,warehouse,granary,bus/railway stations,hotels,airports,gas station and aerial pipeline,etc

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