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  • permanent electric lifting magnet
  • permanent electric lifting magnet
  • permanent electric lifting magnet

High Quality 2 ton electric lifting magnet China supplier

Application: permanent electric lifting magnet adopt complete sealing structure, good property of moisture-proofing. Non-magnetic fender is made of rolled Mn plate which has good property of solderability, magnetic-isolation, wear-resistant and shockproof.

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Features of permanent electric lifting magnet:

1.Nd-Fe-B Magnet as core component,smaller size,stronger lifting force and lasting magnetic force.

2. High safety factor up to 3.5 times pulling-out force than rated lifting
3. V style design at the bottom of lifter,can lift opposite round steel or steel board
4. Easy to use and free to power
5. Optimized magnetic circuit design makes residual magnetism almost zero
6. Professional appearance design makes product more attractive

Magnet lifter material: NdFeB Magnet, Neodymium Magnet, Permanent Magnet, Rare-earth Magnet 
Lifting weight:500kg,1000kg,1500kg 2000kg,3000kg
pulling-out force:3 times,3.5 times

Details of permanent electric lifting magnet:

Technical Parameter:


permanent electric lifting magnet widely use for lifting flat mechanical parts and steel,and in some mechanical manufacturing industries,such as machine-building plant,machining center,shipping building industry etc.
Using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, Strong in magnetic suction, patent circuit design, remanence almost zero.
High safety factor, maximal breakway force is 3.5 times rated lifting power.
Handle switches with safety twist, easy for Single-hand operation, more safety and convenience.
V style design at the bottom of lifter,can lift opposite round steel or steel board.
Magnet lifter without electricity, magnetic lasting popularity, more safety on using, aside may operated at open country.

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